Casio G-Shock DIGITAL 5600 SERIES G5600BG-1

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Join us in a whole new challenge to mark the April 12 birthday of G-SHOCK. Celebrate G-SHOCK and commit to the environment with the compelling design of the G5600BG made with recycled waste resin. Honoring the G-SHOCK commitment to the environment, the G5600BG features a bezel and band that make the most of resin scraps left over from the manufacture of other bands and bezels. Waste resin in classic G-SHOCK red and yellow is powdered and kneaded in a matte black base to create a unique, subtly colorful pattern. This special design will take you wherever you want to go — from everyday fun to high fashion. With this model, the G5600, equipped with Tough Solar that charges the watch from sunlight, gains a bezel and band made of recycled urethane, reducing the environmental impact of resin scraps that would otherwise be discarded. Celebrate the G-SHOCK birthday and honor our environment with eco-friendly materials and functions that leave a smaller footprint. Caution: Individual Differences in Products Due to the characteristics of mixed material color of resin, there are individual differences in the pattern, color tone, and distribution/amount of color resins on the surface of each part (bezel, band) for each timepiece.