Casio G-Shock DIGITAL GD-B500 SERIES GDB500-1

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A compact G-SHOCK in a boldly straight-forward design that moves style into the future. The tough digital GDB500 goes smaller and slimmer to meet today’s needs, delivering just what you require from a watch in a minimalist design with a futuristic sensibility. With a case measuring just 46.3 mm in diameter and 11.0 mm slim, this G-SHOCK is significantly smaller than past models. Even this small, it comes equipped with Bluetooth and a step tracker so that you can easily take control of your daily exercise. Choose classic black or white, or go with the GDB500S-3 in dynamic fluorescent yellow with translucent band connectors. Effortlessly stylish, the GDB500 holds the key to all-new possibilities with G-SHOCK.