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This new limited-edition model is being introduced to mark the 25th anniversary (2021) of the top-of-the-line G-SHOCK MR-G. Its concept theme is HANA-BASARA, a term whose root is BASARA, which comes from the Sanskrit word for diamond. It has the image of breaking with commonly held beliefs and adopting fashionable and glamorous garments and behavior.
During Japan's Period of Warring States, warlords who were particularly self-assertive were called BASARA Busho, who preferred armor with original and artistic designs, even during battles. The MR-G concept combines a unique aesthetic consciousness with all the toughness of armor. The "HANA" part of HANA-BASARA means ostentatious or brilliant, and this concept is embodied in the elegant bezel of this model. The bezel is finished by Kazuhito Komatsu, a master gem cutter who has developed an extremely complex original mirror facet metal cutting technique. He is also the creator of HANASHINJU faceted pearls.
The case, band, and back are coated with a traditional Japanese iron-colored (kurogane) DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating, which gives this model its main coloring. The iron color is a dark bluegreen color produced when armor and swords were heated during their forging. Brown ion plating (IP) is used for the case, while red molding around the face and green around the inset dials produce a calm color combination that is similar to the elegance and beauty of ancient Japanese armor. A plate on the edge of the case at 10 o'clock is engraved with 25TH LIMITED to commemorate the 25th anniversary of MR-G (2021).
The COBARION® bezel, which is about four times harder than pure titanium, is faceted by master gem cutter Kazuhito Komatsu to create a typical bezel shape. Facet cutting combines several small surfaces to maximize the transparency of a gemstone. Machining metal with this method requires a very high level of skill, and Kazuhito Komatsu was able to hand grind each bezel at a rate of only a few pieces per day.
The case and band are made of DAT55G titanium alloy, which is three times harder than pure titanium. This combines with the COBARION® bezel to provide outstanding hardness for the entire watch.
The elegance and toughness of this new limited-edition model are perfectly suited to the concept of HANA-BASARA.