Casio G- Shock MASTER OF G - LAND MUDMAN GW9500-1

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G-SHOCK GW9500-1: Black & Red Masterpiece for Extreme Adventures Delve into a realm of precision and durability with the G-SHOCK GW9500-1, a striking black watch accented with bold red details. It's not just a watch; it's a statement for those who dare to venture into the uncharted. Master of G: Designed for the Challenge Belonging to the revered G-SHOCK Master of G series, the GW9500-1 is crafted for professionals braving the harshest environments. Its distinguishing feature? A triple-sensor capability paired with a robust mud-resist construction. Functionality Meets Elegance Every detail of the GW9500-1 is designed with the user in mind. The easily accessible front button, coupled with three side sensor buttons, effortlessly repels mud and water. With cylinder-shaped stainless steel components guarding these buttons and gasket fittings protecting the button shafts, this watch ensures you're battle-ready for the most grueling terrains. Advanced Display for the Modern Explorer The boldness of its design is mirrored in its functionality. A dynamic dual-layer LCD works in tandem with the Triple Sensor, providing real-time data — be it altitude, direction, temperature, or barometric pressure — directly to your wrist. What's more, the innovative Carbon Core Guard structure encapsulates these features in a design that's both sleek and compact, offering rugged support without compromising on comfort. A Beacon of Utility and Style Don't be fooled by its slim stature; the GW9500-1 MUDMAN is a powerhouse. Its digital compass, enhanced by the dual-layer LCD, presents clear compass graphics. And with models like GW-9500-3 and GW-9500-1A4 showcasing a negative dual-layer LCD, this watch becomes an epitome of modern watch technology. The game-changer? Its radio-controlled solar power system ensures precision timekeeping, and the Super Illuminator feature that guarantees clarity even in the most dimly lit environments. Sustainable Craftsmanship with a Touch of Legacy The GW9500-1 is not just about rugged aesthetics; it's a nod to sustainable fashion. The case, bezel, and band are crafted from eco-friendly bio-based resins. And as a tribute to its lineage, the case back is adorned with an engraving of the iconic MUDMAN mole, compass in tow.