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Introducing the G-SHOCK DW-H5600, a true powerhouse among the classic "square" 5000-5600 series. It is a black fitness-tracking smartwatch with Bluetooth connectivity features. The G-SHOCK DW-H5600 is the most technologically advanced watch within its series and all G-SHOCK watches. The Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD and cutting-edge tracking features are designed to elevate your active lifestyle. 


The luxury smartwatch is constructed with a Bluetooth smartphone link, allowing you to sync your data between your smart devices, auto time correction, and phone notifications. 


This fitness-tracking watch provides multi-sport activity options for more accurate training data. The DW-H5600’s sensor features include measuring your heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen levels, and active time. It records up to 100 runs in the activity log and tracks your daily step count, ensuring you stay motivated and informed about your progress. With support for walking, running, gym workouts, and interval training, this luxury fitness-tracking watch adapts to your preferred activities. 


This G-SHOCK timepiece combines functionality with sleek design elements. The black DW-H5600 is comprised of bio-based resin for the bezel and band. The biomass plastics used in this luxury watch’s creation, help reduce the environmental impact. All the while, the resin case, bezel, and strap offer both durability and comfort. 


The luxury fitness watch's rugged construction, including shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance, ensures durability even in the most demanding environments. The mineral glass protects the MIP LCD, which provides clear and crisp visibility. With dimensions of 51.1 x 44.5 x 17.4mm and a weight of 59g, the DW-H5600 strikes the perfect balance between robustness and wearability.


The DW-H5600 is powered by a rechargeable battery with solar-assisted charging, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. Its battery level indicator and power-saving mode ensure efficient energy usage. Additional features include moon data, vibration alerts, sunrise and sunset times, and world time.


With the G-SHOCK DW-H5600, you can explore the full potential of a high-performance watch that seamlessly integrates advanced fitness tracking, smartphone connectivity, and reliable durability. The black smartwatch with Bluetooth capabilities, not only keeps up with your active lifestyle but also enhances your experience with its array of features and meticulous craftsmanship. The future of timekeeping is here, and it's embodied in the G-SHOCK DW-H5600.