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The G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH2000-1A black multi-sport watch is the ultimate workout companion, designed to take athletes' performance to the next level. This timepiece is packed with features that make it stand out from other sports watches. Along with a heart rate monitor and GPS, this watch boasts an array of features to enhance athletic performance. Using optical sensors to provide heart rate measurements, an accelerometer to count steps, and a gyroscope to improve swimming sessions, athletes can accurately monitor their training sessions. Moreover, the production process was environmentally conscious, and the Bio-based resin band is made from organic renewable materials. This sustainable material helps to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the GBDH2000-1A black watch is rechargeable via USB or solar, making it an eco-friendly choice and ensuring athletes can get the most out of it without worrying about changing the battery. If you're looking for an optimal analysis of your workout, the Polar smartwatch library analyzes workouts and post-sleep recovery. From running and cycling to swimming and anything in between, the G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH2000-1A is the must-have accessory for all sports enthusiasts looking for a serious kit that can handle any level of activity.