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G-SHOCK GWG-B1000-3A: The Epitome of Strength, Precision, and Eco-Friendliness Embrace adventures with the G-SHOCK GWG-B1000-3A, an unrivaled flagship of the Master of G Mudmaster series, designed to be your steadfast companion in the harshest conditions. Features That Stand Out: 1. Robust Exterior & Guarding Structure: Crafted to perfection, its analog-digital combo watch promises not just a stunning appearance but also unbeatable durability, all thanks to its metal components and guarding structure. 2. Master of G Line - Unyielding Toughness: G-SHOCK's Master of G watches are curated for professionals navigating extreme terrains. The MUDMASTER's reputation precedes itself, revered by rescue teams and rangers who operate in dire settings, vouching for its resilience. 3. Precision-Forged Metal & Carbon Fusion: The GWG-B1000 isn’t just about rugged good looks. Its metal exterior is crafted using advanced forging techniques, and when combined with a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, the result is a watch offering unmatched strength and longevity. 4. Triple Sensor & Solar Power: Stay informed and powered! With radio-controlled solar energy and a state-of-the-art triple sensor, be always updated on direction, altitude, temperature, and barometric pressure. Plus, double LED lights paired with a pristine sapphire crystal ensure maximum readability, day or night. 5. Location Indicator Functionality: Enter your desired location in the dedicated app, and let the GWG-B1000 guide you. The intuitive indicator hand at 3 o’clock will point the direction, ensuring you're always on course, even in blinding sandstorms or dense fogs. 6. Eco-Conscious Design: In line with the MUDMASTER’s eco-friendly ethos, the watch uses bio-based resins in its case, bezel, and band, showcasing G-SHOCK's commitment to preserving our planet. Invest in the GWG-B1000-3A - A Timepiece That Truly Transcends Time.