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Unleash bold style and unmatched functionality with the black and orange G-SHOCK Master of G GW-9500-1A4. This distinctive color combination symbolizes the fusion of power and elegance. It's an embodiment of the prestigious line of timepieces crafted for those braving the most demanding environments. Known as the MUDMAN for its top-notch mud-resistant construction, this watch stands as a testament to Casio's commitment to excellence in design. Prominently featuring an easily accessible front button, along with three side-mounted sensor buttons, this design ensures rapid drainage of mud and water. The protective shield, formed by its stainless steel components in contrasting black and orange, keeps the watch safe from potential hazards. Precision engineering ensures that even the button shafts come equipped with gasket fittings, offering a stalwart defense against external contaminants. Its vibrant dual-layer LCD, accentuated by the bold black and orange theme, merges perfectly with the Triple Sensor. This allows adventurers to access crucial data such as altitude, direction, temperature, and barometric pressure, all on their wrist. Coupled with the thin module and innovative Carbon Core Guard structure, wearers benefit from a feature-rich yet compact watch that's as stylish as it is functional.

Why the Black and Orange MUDMAN GW-9500-1A4 Stands Out:

Pioneering Design: Melding slimness with strength, the MUDMAN encapsulates unmatched functionality within its iconic black and orange shell.
Innovative Display: Models GW-9500-3 and GW-9500-1A4 stand out with their unique negative dual-layer LCD, offering a display depth that's both captivating and functional.
Eco-conscious Build: With an emphasis on sustainability, the watch incorporates bio-based resins, thoughtfully sourced from renewable organic materials.
Revolutionary Power Management: This watch isn't just about looks. It features radio-controlled solar power), ensuring you're always on time, powered by the sun.
Super Illuminator: Journey into the unknown with confidence, as the Super Illuminator ensures clear visibility even in low light.
Iconic Imprint: The case back, while offering protection, showcases the adventurous spirit of the MUDMAN with a unique engraving of the character holding a compass.
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